Reasons to Buy Canadian

Why you should purchase your new ceiling fan from a Canadian-based retailer

Whether you make your purchase online or at a local bricks-and-mortar store, there are numerous benefits to buying Canadian.

  • You can count on us to fulfill all the product warranties of the ceiling fans and lights we sell. Ceiling fans purchased from elsewhere, including the U.S., are void of warranty when used in Canada.
  • Ceiling fans sold in Canada are required to adhere to Canadian-developed CSA safety standards. Due to differences in safety standards internationally, fans purchased from the USA and most other countries are not certified for use in Canada. Beware that the installation of uncertified electrical products can result in fines and denial of insurance claims. 
  • You will benefit from our stellar after-sales service and fast resolution of warranty issues.
  • You will avoid the hidden extra costs of duties and import fees that are frequently encountered when buying from an American retailer.
  • You are supporting Canada. When you buy Canadian, more of your consumer dollars stay in this country and benefit your fellow Canadians, helping keep our society and economy strong.