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Smart Ceiling Fans

With advances in technology, everyday appliances from refrigerators to security systems are getting smarter. So why not ceiling fans?

In its most basic form, a smart home ceiling fan connects to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled either by tapping an app in your phone or tablet or speaking voice commands to your favourite virtual assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri).

You still get a dedicated remote with your smart ceiling fan purchase, but you may end up tucking it away in a storage drawer.

Just like furnaces and air conditioners, which can be remotely controlled and programmed using a smart thermostat, your smart ceiling fan can be remotely controlled and programmed to turn on and off according to preset temperatures and schedules.

Some smart ceiling fans can even be linked to your smart thermostat, allowing you to synchronize your heating and cooling for improved climate control and a lower energy bill.

Finally, a smart home ceiling fan can be your entry into the world of home automation by connecting your ceiling fan to the growing lineup of smart home products, such as door locks, electrical plugs, window shades and garage doors.

The Benefits of Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart ceiling fans represent the latest advance in indoor climate control. The benefits include improved comfort in your home, reduced energy costs and the convenience of being able to pre-program your preferred settings.

Pre-Programmed Fan Settings

Your home is your refuge, and you want it to always be comfortable — not too hot and not too cold, but just right. Smart ceiling fan technology allows you to schedule your fans to turn on and off at designated times. If you leave work punctually every day, simply set your fan to turn on 15 minutes before you typically get home, ensuring you arrive to the perfect temperature.

Also, smart home ceiling fans can be programmed to turn on, run for a certain length of time and then turn off. This feature is particularly useful in families with young children (who may be forgetful about turning the fan off when it's not needed).

As the head of the household, you'll quickly start saving on your energy bills, and you’ll be doing your part for the environment, too.

Anywhere, Anytime Remote Control

A great advantage of smart ceiling fans is you can operate them remotely from wherever you are. Do you finish work each day at a different time? Going out with friends and not sure when you'll be home? Not to worry — your smart ceiling fan has you covered.

Before heading home, simply use the app on your phone or tablet to turn on your fans remotely. Your home will be the perfect temperature when you arrive.

You can also schedule your smart home ceiling fans to turn on and off based on when you go to bed and when you get up, for better nighttime comfort.

Save Money in Summer and Winter

During the warm summer months, turning your ceiling fan on and off in coordination with your air conditioner helps to better circulate the cool air generated by the air conditioner. The result is that your home will be cooler than if you were running only the air conditioner. This allows you to set your AC thermostat to several degrees higher than you normally would, while maintaining a comfortable climate in your home.

For every degree that you raise your thermostat, you will reduce by about 10% the number of "on" cycles your AC will need to run to achieve your desired temperature — thereby reducing your energy consumption.

Similarly, during winter, turning your ceiling fan on and off in coordination with your furnace helps to better circulate the warm air generated by the furnace. The result is that your home will be warmer than if you were running only the furnace. This allows you to set your furnace thermostat to several degrees lower than you normally would, while maintaining a comfortable climate in your home.

Again, you save money because your furnace does not need to run as frequently.

Although running a ceiling fan also uses energy, ceiling fans are less energy intensive than either air conditioners or furnaces, so your overall energy usage is reduced.

Improved Home Safety

You likely haven't ever used the term "ceiling fan" in the same sentence as "home safety," but smart ceiling fans are, indeed, a new form of home safety device. Do you worry about knocking things over or injuring yourself, perhaps by stubbing your toe, when trying to find your way at night in a dark room?

A smart ceiling fan with a remote sensor can detect when you're nearby and automatically turn on the ceiling fan light, as well as other connected lights, to help you navigate without incident. 

Better Home Security

Thieves and vandals are more likely to attempt to break into a home that appears to be unoccupied. Whether you're at work for the day or away on an extended vacation, your smart ceiling fans can give the impression that somebody is home.

Simply program them to turn their lights on and off at different times of the day and night. It's easy to do and the cost in energy is minimal compared to the benefits.

No matter how far away you are, your home will be more secure — and you'll benefit from greater peace of mind.

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