You get $20,

they get $20

Refer a friend to, and we’ll give you $20 each! Think of it as our welcome gift.

Refer a Friend Program Terms & Conditions

You can now now earn a special cash discount for referring your friends and family to — and the people you refer get a discount, too!

How do I Refer a Friend?

By sending them a copy of your personal referral link. To access your link, simply log into your  Account page (Click the INVITE button above to access your  account page and get started generating a personalized Referral Program link that you can share.

Easy, by sending them a copy of your personal referral link. To access your link, simply log into your  customer Account page and click on My Referral Link.

Understanding Qualified Referrals

A Qualified Referral simply means a friend you have referred has successfully registered an account on and subscribed to our newsletter.

I’ve referred a friend! What happens now?

For each Qualified Referral, you, as the Referrer, will receive a $20 referral reward that can be applied as a discount on a purchase at

Your Referee also will get a $20 referral reward that can be applied as a discount on a purchase at

You can keep referring more friends!

The maximum discount amount you can earn through this program is $200. Referral Program discounts are not redeemable for cash. They are redeemable only as a discount applied to a purchase on

Redeeming your Rewards

When you're ready to make a purchase, visit your account dashboard and click on My Discount Coupons to view your discount codes. You may apply your codes during checkout to redeem their value.

You may use your coupons for a maximum discount of 50% of the order’s total value. In other words, the total value of your order must be equal to or greater than two times the discount amount of the coupon or coupons. For example, if you have two coupons for a discount amount of $50, the total value of your order must be $100 or more.

The discount coupons you receive through this program may not be used on products that are already discounted through our Flash Sale program.

Eligible Users - Limited Time Only

This Referral Program is open to registered users only. The program is intended to run for a limited time only, and we may withdraw or suspend it (in whole or in part) at any time. Also, the Referral Program's requirements and incentives are subject to change at any time.

Our Referral Program allows you to share your Referral Link with your connections through a variety of channels, including email, text message, direct message and social media). You agree to share your Referral Link only with personal friends and not publish a referral, or cause it to be published or distributed, via methods, platforms or media where you have no reasonable basis for believing that all or most of the readers or recipients are your personal friends or family members. Such prohibited media include coupon websites, Reddit or Wikipedia.

Referrals Referred by Multiple Users

If a person you referred was also referred by another user, you will earn a discount from that Referee only if the Referee is registered based on your referral link. If the Referee uses another user's referral link to register, you will not receive the discount.

So You've Been Invited to Via a Referral

If you register a account and subscribe to our newsletter (you can subscribe during account registration, or any time afterward via My Account settings, or use the Subscribe to Our Newsletter signup form at the bottom of, you will receive a $20 off discount coupon and the Referrer will receive a $20 discount coupon. Additionally, we will notify your Referrer that they earned the discount coupon due to your registration and newsletter signup . However, we will not share with the Referrer details about your purchases.

Important Disclaimers

We reserve the right to suspend or close the account of a Referrer and/or Referred Customer and remove the user's hopping credit entitlement should we notice any activity we determine contrary to the Referral Program terms and conditions or the Terms of Service. We retain the right to investigate the participation in the Referral Program for any fraudulent activities and take any measures to end them. This includes but is not limited to any form of fake account creation. We reserve the right to amend or suspend this Referral Program at any time without notice.


Personal information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy available at

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