Low Profile Ceiling Fans

When searching for the perfect ceiling fan, you may be surprised to find how many different options are out there. You can find ceiling fans in a wide range of sizes and heights to best suit each and every room in your home.

You may have thought a ceiling fan wasn’t an option for the rooms in your home that have low ceilings. On the contrary, there is a ceiling fan for every room, and low-profile ceiling fans are the perfect solution.

The Benefits of a Low-Profile Ceiling Fan
Also known as close-mount, hugger, or flush-mount ceiling fans, low-profile ceiling fans have a flatter, slimmer motor housing compared to traditional ceiling fans. Because of this, their blades are closer to the ceiling when they’re hung, making them a great option for rooms with ceilings lower than eight feet.

Low-profile ceiling fans are highly beneficial for both indoor and outdoor areas that have low ceilings.

Hugger ceiling fans can improve your room’s lighting and add a stylish touch.

Because of their slim motor housing, close-mount ceiling fans save vertical space in smaller rooms with low ceilings.

Ceiling fans can immensely improve a room’s comfort. Since smaller rooms are much harder to cool and can get hot and stuffy quickly, a low-profile ceiling fan is a great solution.

Ceiling fans use significantly less electricity than air conditioning systems, and in turn, cost less money to run. Ceiling fans don’t change a room’s temperature, however, instead, they keep the people in a room cool by improving airflow and ventilation. In fact, you can bump up your thermostat four degrees and experience no change in comfort while using a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are a budget-friendly way to increase your home’s value.

What To Consider When Buying a Low-Profile Ceiling Fan
There are several factors you will need to consider when choosing a flush-mount ceiling fan.

Size is the most important thing to get right when purchasing a ceiling fan. Finding the right size ceiling fan isn’t as complicated as you may think. Your fan’s blade span will vary according to each room’s square footage — the larger the room, the longer the fan’s blade span. For the best fan performance, benefits, and safety, you want to make sure your ceiling fan blades are at least 18 inches from the walls of your room.

You must also consider vertical space. Flush-mount ceiling fans are ideal for ceilings that are eight feet or lower. For optimal safety and efficacy, your ceiling fan must be at least seven feet above the floor, however, eight to nine feet will provide the best airflow.

Energy Efficiency
Choose an energy-efficient ceiling fan for maximum cost savings and the lowest environmental impact. Fans with direct current (DC) motors are the best option for energy efficiency. In fact, they use up to 70% less energy than a fan with a traditional alternating current (AC) motor. What’s more, fans powered by DC motors are much quieter compared to fans with AC motors.

If you want a lighted ceiling fan, LED light kits are a low-profile lighting option, making them a great fit for hugger ceiling fans. LED lights are energy-saving, and use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lights. In addition, they are long-lasting and highly durable, requiring less frequent replacement.

Style and Materials
Your home is an investment. Choose fixtures that you are going to enjoy long-term. Ceiling fans are a great way to elevate the style in each room while also improving comfort.

Ceiling fans are highly versatile and can be found in an array of designs to best match your unique taste. You can choose a pre-designed fan that has its own style such as modern, rustic, nautical, traditional, vintage, and more.

Some fan manufacturers allow you to customize your ceiling fan, where you can change the design, color, shape, finish, and material of the motor housing and blades. You can also add different features and change your light kit’s style by adding shades or different fixtures.

Technical Features
Today, ceiling fans can be equipped with diverse technical features to provide a more convenient, comfortable solution.

WiFi and smart home capabilities. Some ceiling fans are WiFi-enabled and can be connected to smart home apps such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Through these apps, you can control your ceiling fan settings.

Remote controls. A ceiling fan with remote control offers maximum convenience for homeowners. Some fans come equipped with different capabilities, but typically, you can use the remote to turn the fan on and off, change the fan settings and speeds, and even dim the lights depending on your fan’s capabilities.

Light kits. Choose a flush-mount ceiling fan with a light kit to improve and centralize a room’s lighting. Some fans come with a dimmable light kit so that you can change its lighting depending on your preferences. You can typically dim the lights using your wall switch/slider or the remote control.

In-wall fan controls. Instead of changing the speed by pulling the chain on your fan, you can change its speed by having a fan speed switch installed on your wall. This makes it much more convenient to adjust speed.

Find the Perfect Low-Profile Ceiling Fan
At the Fan Shoppe, we offer ceiling fans in a wide variety of options so that you can find the perfect fit for your budget, lifestyle, needs, and preferences. Our fans are designed in many different styles ranging from modern and contemporary to tropical and everything in between.

If you can’t find a fan that’s a perfect fit, you can design your own low-profile ceiling fan and customize your ceiling fan’s technical features, style, materials, color, and more.

Shop our selection online or in-store. If you aren’t sure what type of ceiling fan to get, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to get started.