How to Select a Ceiling Fan Downrod

More homes are being constructed with high ceilings. Extension downrods set the ceiling fan at the proper height for optimum performance.

The chart above is a basic guide for choosing a downrod, however we recommend using the specific ceiling fan’s dimensions to help you determine the downrod length you need to bring the ceiling fan blades to your desired height.

Take the popular Fanimation ceiling fan The Huxley for example, which dimensions indicate the blades will be 18.75 inches from the ceiling with the downrod that is included (6 inches). This would mean on a 9 foot ceiling the blades would be 7 feet 5.25 inches from the floor. Now, if you wanted to maintain that 7 foot 5.25 inch blade height, but were installing it on a 12 foot ceiling, you would require an extra 3 feet or a 42 inch extension downrod.

Basically, you can use the following mathematical formula to determine the downrod length you need. Simply enter your desired blade height and other indicated dimensions and the rest should be a breeze. (Include all measurements in inches.)

C – ceiling height
B – distance from fan blade to ceiling
H – desired height of blades from floor
D – included downrod length

Required Downrod Length = C – (B – D + H)