AIRGO goes where you need it to

When you’re dealing with a large space and oppressive heat, AirGo comes to the rescue and goes where you need it to. It’s the only 8-foot mobile fan on the market, and it has the same high-volume, low speed technology as our iconic ceiling fans. Providing ultimate airflow in even the most stuffy of spaces: AirGo is a fan-favorite for outdoor sporting events and in large, industrial settings like factories, warehouses, hangars, and workshops.

  • Superior air movement with variable speed control
  • OSHA-compliant cage
  • Easy 360-degree vertical adjustment with lockable positions
  • Locking swivel casters allow for optimal maneuverability
  • Indoor/outdoor operation for cooling that goes anywhere
  • Washdown-ready construction for easy cleaning
  • Quiet, efficient DC motor fan with variable speed control


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Passes the Maneuverability Test

You could practically pass the parallel parking portion of a drivers test with AirGo. Because AirGo is designed to be moved by one person it delivers maximum airflow with minimum hassle. (Even if you’re normally all thumbs!) Once positioned, the locking casters hold your portable fan in place.

Easy Operation

AirGo isn’t just adored for its rugged good looks; it’s also powerful beyond belief.

  • Direct airflow exactly where needed with 16 selectable positions, allowing for a full 360-degree vertical angle adjustment
  • Heavy-duty locking swivel casters that operate independently for exceptional durability and mobility
  • Energy-efficient, direct-drive motor with a precision speed control dial, ensuring you get exactly the amount of air you need

Gentle Giant

With our patented HVLS technology, this commercial fan impressively delivers airflow half the length of a football field, yet is quiet enough to carry on a conversation directly in front of the fan.

Built For Safety

AirGo’s OSHA-compliant, slim-line cage exceeds safety standards and keeps hands safe from the power of the airfoils. While the AirGo is aptly named when you need it to stay in place, the pull-and-insert mechanism keeps the fan cage locked in your desired position.


Wondering if AirGo is right for your space? Here’s the short list of the roles AirGo can play:

  • Warehouse cooling fan
  • Aviation hangar fan
  • Automotive industrial fan
  • Event venue fan
  • Outdoor wedding fan
  • Party fan
  • Sporting event fan
    Industrial shop fan
  • Outdoor concert fan
  • Festival fan
  • Industrial fan
  • Commercial fan
  • Construction site fan
  • Livestock fan
  • Factory fan


If you’re the type of person who loves comparing technical details, we think you’ll be impressed with AirGo.

  • 25-foot (7.6-meter) cord
  • Covers approximately 6000 sq ft (557 sq m) with superior air velocity
  • Ultra-durable 8-foot (2.4-meter) steel frame
  • Full 360° vertical tilt with 16 lockable positions to direct airflow
  • 110–125 single phase VAC electrical
  • Powerful airflow provides coverage up to 120 ft (37 m) away
  • Only 64 dBA at maximum operating speed (below OSHA noise-level threshold)
  • Weighs in at 450 lbs. (204 kg)
  • IPX5-rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Up to five-year warranty




All Terrain


Take Your Airflow On the Go

Contact us today for help with all your fan-related questions or to find out if AirGo is the right choice for your airflow needs. Call 1-888-333-3239 to talk with an airflow expert and get a quote — our customer service will blow you away.