The most advanced DIRECTIONAL fan ON THE MARKET.

We put this fan on a pedestal because it really is that great—thanks to its sleek design, patented airflow control and high-tech facility integrations.

AIREYE: 2023 BEST FAN for your home gym

Men's Health knows a thing or two about workout environments. In it's annual Home Gym Awards, the publication described AirEye as: 

"A perfect fan that can mount anywhere in your home gym and easily cool you off between sets."

We couldn't agree more.

The smart, versatile choice for precisely targeted airflow

Featuring a range of diameter options, variable speed controls, and an optional motion detector that makes sure the fan is only running when it should be, AirEye is the smart, versatile choice for precisely targeted airflow. Plus, its quiet EC motor is up to 50% more powerful and more efficient than its off-the-shelf imitators. Choose from multiple mounting options to get a custom fit for your unique space.

  • Multiple diameter sizes available: 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch (51, 61, 76, and 91 cm)
  • Occupancy sensor available for efficient, hands-off operation
  • Quiet operation
  • OSHA-compliant fan screen
  • Comes in standard Powerfoil Yellow or Midnight Black
  • Pedestal, wall, I-beam, C-channel, and swivel arm mounting options
  • BAFCon option to connect multiple fans to a single touch-screen control
  • 3 precision-balanced airfoils for optimal airflow
  • 50% more CFM airflow per watt than basic induction motors


Have an off-brand fan that can’t get the job done? With our trade-up program, we’ll give you credit for that “other” fan when you upgrade to an authentic Big Ass Fans product.

Sync Eight Fans with BAFCon

Think of it like this: You’re the rockstar, and your AirEye fans are the crowd doing the wave in perfect sync. Using our intuitive BAFCon controller, you can alter the speed of up to eight AirEye fans for a full-facility cooling operation. If you already have a BMS you love, no worries: BAFCon allows you to sync your AirEyes with Modbus, BACnet, or 0-10 V protocols.

AirEye requires Multi-Fan Kit for BAFCon compatibility.

The Fan that Can Read the Room

You already have enough to think about, which is why we invented smart pedestal fans like AirEye.

Using a SmartSense infrared motion sensor, it turns on when people are working and shuts off to conserve energy when there’s no one there to cool. Wondering what your fans are up to? Two status LEDs display AirEye’s power and motion-detection activity. Try the automated seasonal modes for added efficiency.

Brawn Meets Brains

Yes, it’s one of the smartest fans around—but AirEye also produces 50% more airflow with 50% greater efficiency than typical high-speed directional fans. Its permanent-magnet EC motor runs much cooler than standard induction motors, wasting no energy and ensuring a longer motor life.

Take it Outside!

Rain, shine or bathtime—AirEye is ready for it all! Its IPX5 wet-rated for indoor/outdoor use in dusty, soggy, or rugged environments. And if it gets dirty, go ahead and spray it down!

Mix and Match Mounts

With its versatile mounts, AirEye, can be almost anything you need, including:

  • Portable pedestal directional fan
  • Commercial-grade wall fan
  • I-beam mounted directional fan
  • C-channel mounted directional fan
  • Swivel arm mount fan

Take Your Airflow On the Go

Contact us today for help with all your fan-related questions or to find out if AirEye is the right choice for your airflow needs. Call 1-888-333-3239 to talk with an airflow expert and get a quote — our customer service will blow you away.