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We have reviewed over 3,000 models from 14 top brands rating them based on quality, airflow and efficiency. The best ceiling fans will have the highest scores for these criteria and you can easily pick them out using our exclusive ceiling fan comparison graphs. The fans featured on this page are just a few we highly recommend. You can discover other great fans on our site here: Shop Top Rated Ceiling Fans!

Introducing The "i6" - Overall Best Fan Ever

If you were to nail us down and force us to pick one fan that is absolutely the best fan ever, The i6 from Big Ass Fans would be our choice. Just look at the ceiling fan comparison graph and you will see it is off the charts. Although there are many other great fans we love to talk about, the i6 outperforms them all in virtually every aspect. Plus, it is Assembled In The USA!

Moving on...the i6 is the epitome of high tech. It has sensors for motion, temperature and humidity, combined with a learning processor to adapt to your personal life-style and enhance your level of comfort...automatically. It can be operated by hand held remote control, Alexa and Google commands or an app on your phone. It can even be connected to home automation. It has a super quiet and efficient DC motor that costs pennies to operate and creates a stronger breeze over a larger area than any other fan we are aware of.

The optional light for the i6 is fully dimmable and provides more light than most LED fans (1770 delivered lumens). But what's more is there are 5 different color temperature settings from 2200K (very warm) to 6500K (very bright). One of the biggest complaints we hear about LED lights is that people don't like the color. Everyone's taste is different and this is the only fan we are aware of that gives you the ability to adjust it to your liking.

Featured in Brushed Silver. Also available in White, Black and Bronze. View More Details.